Multipurpose interchangeable gobo flashlight

With this On-Demand GOBO multi purpose flashlight, the user can spot a target at an extreme throw distance.  The user can also zoom, making the spot larger for close range illumination.  This flashlight performs these functions with the high brightness and uniformity attributes of RLTPH40270-a technology.

Hidden inside this multi-purpose flashlight is a third functional mode, which can be dispatched On-Demand, projecting the users favorite GOBO image, with superior brightness and colors.  If the user is a football fan, his favorite team logo can be projected.  A car dealer can sell or give away such GOBO flashlight with the GOBO image being the brand logo.  Disney can produce a multitude of the flashlights with GOBO images of every single Disney characters.  Customizations are also possible for small quantities serving special interest groups, companies, special events, etc.  The possibilities are endless

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